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DIY Finger Fishtail Loom Bracelet

The Duchess of Cambridge might have helped ignite the loom band bracelet craze but credit must be given where credit is due. Kids and teens everywhere have been whipping up their version of the friendship bracelet for months now. Made from small, colorful rubber bands, these bracelets are meant to assembled on an inexpensive loom that serves as a base for various patterns. However, you can easily make a simple fishtail version, without the loom, with just two fingers. It is beyond easy. And addicting. I may be past my prime when it comes to trendy bracelets but I just love the bit of childish cheekiness they add to my otherwise serious jewelry collection. Thanks, Kate!

DIY Fringed Raffia Hat With Lola Hats

Spring is in full swing, which means I get to indulge in transitioning my wardrobe from a worn out season to a fresh one. So long boots. See you next season coats and chunky knits. Later wool hats. Hello sandals! Yo off the shoulder blouses! Hiya straw hats! I mean, honestly, who doesn’t love what the sun brings?

To celebrate the start of spring, our favorite milliner Lola Ehrlich of Lola Hats is sharing a super easy tutorial for one of her best sellers: The Alpargatas. We’re absolutely smitten with the way she’s threaded grosgrain ribbon through the crown of the oversized raffia hat, leaving just enough slack to tie around the neck. And the raw, fringed edge and erratic stitching is just is flat out FUN. I’m in love with this hat – it’s sure to be a spring and summer staple!
You’ll need:
straw hat with frayed edges6-7 feet of 7/8″ grosgrain ribbon6 1/4″ eyelets and washerseyelet setterseam ripper (optional)

Start by removing the original trim off the hat. This particular trim was glue…

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